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UK based Ultrasonic Works launches its second generation ClearHull 2 ultrasonic anti-fouling system for yachts and motor vessels at the 2014 London Boat Show. The new ClearHull 2 enables multiple control panels to be linked in a daisy chain, each panel driving up to 4 transducers expanding the capability of the system to even larger vessels. New transducer technology has also been developed to provide even greater sophistication of the system, placing the ClearHull 2 at the fore of Ultrasonic fouling protection.PLACEHOLDER

Ultrasonic Works launches its second generation ClearHull 2 ultrasonic anti-fouling system.

The new Ultrasonic Works transducers have a Failsafe™ mode which puts the transducers into automatic if the control panel fails, enabling them to carry on their work of protecting the hull from fouling growth. The inbuilt Softstart™ technology reduces the noise of the unit, but also provides a night setting which turns the system off if preferred when the owner is sleeping on the boat at night. Full remote reprogramming is capable though GPRS communication with smartphone or tablet. An added safety feature is provided by a built-in GPS which confirms location of the boat.

ClearHull 2 retains all the other intelligent features of the first generation unit with the ability to communicate the current status of the system together with battery levels etc. to the owner’s computer, mobile phone or tablet.

When the unit is first registered for warranty, a specific page is created for the boat on the Ultrasonic Works web portal where the owner can view statistics of the boat’s power usage, transducer status and other data. The ClearHull 2 system is monitored by Ultrasonic Works via a dial-up GSM modem fitted in the control box. If for any reason the boat’s ClearHull 2 system shuts down, Ultrasonic Works will alert the owner via an SMS message.

Safety first

Ultrasonic Works systems are unique in having only 12 volts through the cable while all other ultrasonic anti-fouling systems currently available run with about 1000volts passing through the cable to the transducer. This is not only safer when it potentially comes into contact with any water in the bilge but also offers no interference to wireless navigation systems or communications on-board.

The unique patented fixing system of the transducers ensures 100% transfer of the sonic protection is available around the hull. Only Ultrasonic Works transducers achieve this level of efficiency which means less power is required to achieve the equivalent or better than other antifouling systems.

Laboratory testing and practical testing on a variety of vessels has allowed the Ultrasonic Works engineers to establish the exact frequencies needed to protect the hull from a wide range of waterborne algae, barnacles and other crustaceans. A temperature sensor tells the system to reduce or increase output in response to the water temperature which affects weed growth. Self-diagnostics and frequency adjustments ensure the ClearHull 2 can be configured to the boat, adjusting to conditions and reporting changes.

To be launched on the Ultrasonic Works stand (number D175) at the 2014 London Boat Show, For Further information please visit Ultrasonic Works



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