UK based, Ultrasonic Works, who launched the ground breaking new ‘ClearHull’ and ‘The One’ systems for yachts and motor vessels earlier this year, has announced the appointment of well-known sailor and RYA Racing Coach Dave Hall as Head of UK Sales. Highly experienced in the marine industry, Dave is an accomplished racing sailor himself who has won many championships and continues to participate successfully at an international level.

Dave moved into the marine industry at the age of 21 and has spent the last three decades working for several different companies in a sales and marketing capacity, developing a huge knowledge of marine products and the people who make up the marine industry.

Ultrasonic Works MD, Steve Hopper, said: “Dave is a familiar face in the marine industry and has spent over 30 years working in sales and marketing at four different blue chip marine companies including Ovington Boats and Hyde Sails.  From selling shackles to selling complete boats, Dave has a huge knowledge of marine products and the people in the industry.”

Dave will be based at the Ultrasonic Works office in Leigh-on-Sea Essex. Please visit www.ultrasonicworks.com for further information.

Notes to editors The patent pending ClearHull and The One systems, from Ultrasonic Works, are intelligent, well-engineered products of exceptional quality and value. They are claimed to exceed the effectiveness of existing ultrasonic anti-fouling technology while providing a more robust installation. ClearHull not only keeps the hull clear of algae and crustaceans it can also communicate the current status of the system together with battery levels, water temperature etc. to your computer, mobile phone or tablet PC. In this way, ClearHull takes Ultrasonic anti-fouling to a new professional level and, at a similar price to other less advanced ultrasonic systems, offers remarkable value for money. Ultrasonic Works systems are unique in having just 12v running through the cable which is safer than the more common 1000 volts of other systems and eliminates any interference with wireless navigation or communication systems on board which are now common on yachts of this size.

The One from Ultrasonic Works, designed for boats up to 10 metres, has brought the benefits of ultrasonic antifouling protection to a much wider range of boats at the price of a lift-out and recoat with traditional antifouling. Ultrasonic Works continues to lead the market in technology and eco-friendly antifouling products.


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