ClearHull Ultrasonic Antifouling 3 Transducers, upgradable to 4 transducers

Product Features

  • Power Modes: Battery + Shore, battery will enable power saving modes, where shore will be always be active. Both the battery + shore pulse widths & cycle durations can be edited allowing tailored made installation for your craft.
  • Display & Keypad: 20 Character x 4 Line Blue LCD Display with 5 key membrane keypad, used to display status of the unit & any configuration changes needed.
  • Environmental Sensors: Temperature & 3D accelerometers (measures boat movement across 3 dimensions) this data is stored & analysed for the automatic setting.
  • Automatic Mode: Automatically senses the environment using 3D accelerometers & temperature to provides the optimum frequency patterns of which statistically the pattern will not be duplicated again the same day.
  • Clock: 24 Hour battery backed up clock used for data logging & SMS messages.
  • GSM: SMS alerts & status messages to either our central monitoring station or just to yourself. These include voltage, current, temperature, movement, transducer status, which can be viewed on our Web Portal. A SIM card is required & typically will use 3 - 4 SMS messages per week to a UK central station phone number.
  • Engineering Lock: Lock the unit so no changes can be made.
  • Power 12V - 24V battery or 110V – 240V.

Price: £1,679.00

FR: €2,099.00
US: $2,669.00
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