Ultrasonic Works has launched a new low cost ultrasonic antifouling system for boats up to 10 meters called The One. The system is based on the highly successful technology developed for its revolutionary ClearHull system, which has been simplified by removing the control panel facilities. The One has the same impressive protection performance of the other Ultrasonic Works products keeping the boats hull free from fouling, season after season at a remarkably low price.

Engineered to very high standards with a CNC machined, marine grade anodised alloy transducer housing, the Ultrasonic Works system is one of the most robust units available.  It is also one of the easiest to install with a unique patented fixing system ensuring 100% transfer of the sonic protection around the hull which means less power is needed to achieve equivalent, or in most cases significantly better results than other systems on the market.

The One has undergone extensive testing and although it does not have the configurability of the larger CleaHull system it retains the smart technology which drops the power usage of the transducer if the battery voltage reduces and increases as the battery is charged.  As with other Ultrasonic Works products The One has been lab tested to establish the precise frequencies needed to protect a hull from a wide range of water born algae, barnacles and other crustaceans. It has then been application tested on a number of boats, in a number of locations, to trial the product against other forms of antifouling systems. Finding that only one transducer is required for a boat up to 10 metres allowed the company to refine the system and bring the price down to just £399, substantially less than other ultrasonic systems while providing superior performance.

Ultrasonic Works systems are unique in having just 12v running through the cable which is safer than the more common 1000 volts of other systems and eliminates any interference with wireless navigation or communication systems on board which are now common on yachts of this size.

The One from Ultrasonic Works has brought the benefits of ultrasonic antifouling protection to a much wider range of boats at the price of a lift-out and recoat with traditional antifouling. Ultrasonic Works continues to lead the market in technology and eco-friendly antifouling products.

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