How Ultrasonic Antifouling Works

Does ultrasonic antifouling work is the biggest question we get asked. The simple answer is yes, with the next being how? This is a brief introduction to how it keeps your yacht or boat hull free from algae & barnacles. The best ultrasonic hull cleaning system around.

It’s not even a new discovery, it was discovered in the 1930′s by a French scientist Paul Langevin, while he was developing ultrasonic submarine sonar. Since them a number of patents have been filed including from the US Navy in the 1950′s. However it was not commercially viable or even a sensible power usage, until recently with the development of the latest transducers. However not all transducers are created equally & their performance, power usage vary considerably.

Algae and larvae settling

Algae and larvae float freely in the water column and regularly come into contact with your yacht or boat. They spawn all year round making them a great issue to the marine industry, causing large amounts of drag, reducing speed and fuel economy. When they come into contact with the hull on your yacht or boat it is a solid surface for them and they will try and settle. Even with Antifouling paints these surfaces still attract algae.

Sonic radiation

The ClearHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System works periodically with a sweep of ultrasonic frequencies giving the best chance at damaging the organelle of the algae and larvae. This sweep will vibrate the organelle of the larvae and algae causing them to become damaged or fail, this is the key part to keeping your hull clean.

Algae and larval prevention

With the organelle of the algae and larvae damaged or failing they will either die in the case of most larvae or sink making them unable to produce the energy needed to survive, making them unable to colonize the hull of your yacht or boat keeping it nice and clean for that ocean passage or Sunday race!

How we test

We continue to test ClearHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System with different ultrasonic frequencies pumping in water from the Solent with a control tank without any protection & ones with ClearHull Ultrasonic Works Antifouling. After 2 months during winter the results are outstanding. What is really intresting is the slides were not attached the vibrating pates which simulate the hull of you yacht or boat, yet still did not get any fouling at all.

Testing Solent Fouling

Antifouling Test Lab

Control Tank without any protection

Control Tank with Ultrasonic Works Clear Hull Antifouling

We were really pleased with this test as it is the 1st set of testing with the slides not mounted onto the plate. This proves the ultrasonic frequenices from Clear Hull Ultrasonic Antifouling System can travel though the water, longer than it’s own wave length.

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