ClearHull Blue Commercial Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection

Introducing ClearHull Blue a Commercial Antifouling System designed for commercial vessels including tankers upto Ultra Large Crude Carrier (415m), Super Yachts & Static Platforms such as Wind Farms & Oil Rigs. The ClearHull Blue System offers extra resiliency & redundancy via “salt & peppering” of the slave installations where the transducer heads are inter woven with each other to limit the impact of a potential system failure. The master control system has a real time hot standby allowing seamless failover in the event of a system failure. The system has been designed to allow the greatest levels of resiliency possible.

The system is Ethernet enabled, allowing connection to the central monitoring station for either the vessel or platform & fully configurable via it’s own web server or even across the internet.

Ultrasonic Works ClearHull Blue Antifouling systems utilise their patent pending transducer & control systems to send small sonic vibrations throughout the hull of the vessel or structure. These vibrations are in the ultrasonic frequency above human hearing. Whilst these pulses are small & cause no harm to fabric of the vessel or structure, they are disruptive to the bio film which in turn stops fouling. Additional protection can be achieved for the Sea Chest as well, through additional installations on the inlets & discharge pipes.

The installation of these transducers does not require piecing the outer skin of the hull, unlike competitors products & each of them are bonded to the internal hull with 2 part resin. Without any wielding or cutting of the hull, this represents the cleanest & lowest risk installation for any vessel or structure.

Ultrasonic Works ClearHull Blue Ultrasonic Antifouling is is the 1st viable alternative to high current 300A anode Copper & Silver Ionization / Cathodic Systems. Each system is designed & configured by Ultrasonc Works engineers creating a tailor made installation. Additionally we offer as design & build options, allowing installation from a 3rd party.

Commercial Vessels & Tankers

Protection of the sea chest & stern of the vessel offers the greatest return on investment, with a typical installation costs being recovered within 12 months by fuel savings from a cleaner hull.

Super Yachts

Ultrasonic Works ClearHull Blue the 1st viable alternative to high current 300A anode  Copper & Silver Ionization / Cathodic Systems & offers a lower cost both in terms of running & installation.

Oil Platforms & Wind Farms

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) occurs due to microbial activity & the construction materials. These bacterial growth colonies cause Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC), which until now could only be prevented via Coatings or Ionization / Cathodic Systems, which are harmful to the environment as they are both normally copper based.

Protection of the environment is becoming increasingly important for Offshore Wind Farms. Currently the only option is to allow accelerated corrosion due to bacterial growth colonies or prevent them with Coating or Ionization / Cathodic Systems, which are both pollutants to the environment.

Ultrasonic Works ClearHull Blue system stops the bacterial growth colonies, though sonic vibrations which is does not harm the local environment stopping the Accelerated Low Water Corrosion, but not effecting marine life around the structures.

Ultrasonic Works ClearHull Blue offers, a greener & cleaner alternative to protect Offshore Structures with typically a lower installation & running cost, than Ionization / Cathodic Systems.

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